Their fate... Your hands... Roll the DIE.
Fine Art

"I have to say that “DIE: Roll to Proceed” really was a play to die for...."
-Bradley Laborman TV
"A Choose Your Own (Hilarious) Adventure.... DIE: Roll to Proceed is the show to see in NYC!"
-Amanda Mactas, Joonbug Magazine
"Gives new meaning to 'Roll' play... Bring your ID and leave your inhibitions at home..."
-Frank Scheck, New York Post

"Expect the unexpected..."
- Doug Strassler, New York Press
"The thrill of live theatre is that anything can happen on a given night, and that concept is pushed to the extreme by Die: Roll to Proceed"
-TDF Stages: A Theater Magazine
 Red Room Trailer
Poor, poor Peckerdill
Announcing our return
2012 Die Teaser
Die moves ONLINE at 
Wired Arts Fest 2013!!!